Health Care for People with an Irregular Immigration Status in Finland


If someone’s life is in danger, always call 112!

On coronavirus you can find information from the front page of our webpages in several languages!

You can also call to us and ask advice: 044 977 4547. Volunteer nurse answers the phone. You can also get translator to phone if needed.

Every person in Finland is entitled to urgent health care. If in need of URGENT care, please contact your local health care centre or hospital emergency care unit. Urgent care is more extensive than acute care given at the hospital emergency care unit. It should also include necessary medication and laboratory investigations. For more detailed information look here

Full cost of the treatment is charged. In some cities only a smaller customer fee is charged from children and pregnant women and also visits to maternity clinics and child health clinics are free of charge (see below). In Helsinki, only a smaller customer fee is charged from adults for necessary care. Payment is required only after the health care visit. Even if you don’t have money with you, you will receive urgent care. If necessary, please ask to meet a social worker at the hospital or contact Global Clinic for further information on payment issues.

Health care personnel do not have the right to report you to the police or immigration officials because of your immigration status. If you face such a situation or hear that this has been done, contact Global Clinic.

Tell your doctor about your irregular immigration status or unclear situation. Otherwise you may not get the best possible help in your situation.

Adults in Helsinki

People with an irregular status/undocumented migrants (paperittomat in Finnish) residing in Helsinki are entitled to necessary care at same cost as residents of Helsinki.

Necessary and urgent care is provided at local health care centres during office hours and at other times at Haartman Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4, 00290 Helsinki AND Malmi Hospital, Talvelantie 6, 00700 Helsinki. Phone number of the health counselling: 09 310 10023. If you experience problems: please contact Global Clinic.

If you are asylum seeker you will get necessary health care which in coordinated by the reception services. Asylum seekers are not undocumented migrants during the asylum process.

Pregnant Women and Children


It’s important to take a good care of your health before delivery. Contact the maternity clinic of Global Clinic if you are pregnant. Delivery is considered to be urgent care. If you are pregnant and face any urgent health problems related to your pregnancy, please contact the nearest delivery room.

Pregnant women residing in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere and in some other smaller cities are entitled to the same healthcare as residents at the same costs. In Finland, pregnant women visit maternity clinics approximately 8-10 times during their pregnancy. Through maternity care, it is possible to ensure good health of the mother and child. Visits to maternity clinics before and after delivery are free of charge.


School-aged children (7 years old or above) are entitled to basic education and school healthcare in Finland.

Children under 18 years of age residing in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku or Tampere are entitled to the same healthcare as residents at the same costs. Visits to child health clinics (children under 7 years of age) are free of charge. Check the situation in the city you are residing.

If you confront any problems in getting care or information, please contact Global Clinic.

Global Clinic

The Clinic is run by volunteers who provide health care services. The services are primarily for patients who are not entitled to public health care in Finland regardless of nationality or migration status. We give information about health services in Finland. Services are free of charge, anonymous and in strict confidence. The volunteers running the Clinic in Helsinki are trained medical doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, psychologists and interpreters. You can contact the clinics also when there is not a clinic in your own city.

Global Clinics are found in:

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